Discover The Studio

The history of Prunés Jewellery is the result of a deep passion and interest in the study of diamonds and gemstones. This entrepreneurial project, born in 2019, has evolved over years of dedication and training to give rise to a firm that seeks the perfect match between precious metals and the dazzling beauty of gemstones.
The essence of Prunés Jewellery is the constant search for excellence. The firm is distinguished by the quality of the materials it uses, a balanced and timeless design, as well as an execution based on artisanal techniques carried out in a local workshop. The ergonomics of the whole is our goal, pursuing a distinctive effect through the sum and combination of our pieces to bring a differential and unique touch to each set of jewellery.

Materials and Production

Prunés Jewellery embraces artisanal manufacturing in a local workshop, using top quality materials and allowing the personalisation of each piece. All our collections are made in 18kt yellow gold, with options also available in white and rose gold on request. The diamonds and coloured gemstones we select undergo a rigorous gemmological evaluation process to guarantee the highest quality standard on the market.

About the designer

Cristina Prunés. Doctor by profession, gemmologist and jewellery designer by passion. A running and yoga enthusiast, she could not live without going for a run and breathing fresh air. In love with two little Chihuahuas and the smell of the forest after it rains.
I have a restless, creative soul and a travelling spirit.
I look for beauty in simplicity and perfection in imperfection. Hand in hand with those I love, to infinity.

I try to capture my own dynamism and vital spirit in each piece of jewellery. When I think of a piece, I look for a formally aesthetic, balanced and attractive structure without neglecting practicality and ergonomics. My wish is for all our creations to be combinable so that they can be worn at any time. I think of a piece of jewellery that makes you feel comfortable, elegant and gives a touch of distinction and at the same time is for everyday wear. 

Each piece is part of a beautiful story, and will be both the protagonist and the memory of a special and unforgettable moment. From the beginning of its creation to the final result, the creation process generates illusion, feeling, emotion and surprise, and it is a real pleasure to take part in it. At Prunés Jewellery, every day we get excited, every day we celebrate. We celebrate love, we celebrate life, we celebrate your story, with you.